16 Nisan 2005

Olur mu hiç üç kulak, dön de aynaya bak!

Jason Miller, New York Academy of Art'dan mezun olduktan sonra 2001 yılında "Miller Studio" adı altında kendi tasarım stüdyosunu kurmuş. Çağdaş Amerikan kültüründen beslenen Jason'ın gündelik yaşam üzerine odaklandığı ürün tasarımları, kavramsal sanat-tasarım alanında biryerlerde konumlanıyor. Miller'ın "daydream" projesi "başka bir yerde olduğunuzu hayal edin" mesajı ile ortaya çıkmış. Üretilen her ayna üzerinde isteğe göre görseller bulunuyor. Eklenmiş görsel ve ayna kombine edilmiş. Hayalim ve ben..
Daydream ve diğer projelere siteden projects linkinden ulaşılabilir.

Bar Çıkışı

Beck Bira'nın "senin Beck çıkışın" bar tasarımı yarışması sonuçlandı. 76 farklı ülkeden 2433 tasarımcının katıldığı yarışmanın jürisi dünyaca tanınmış tasarımcı, mimar ve fotoğrafçılardan oluşuyor. Ayrıca sitede, sadece kazananlar değil, yarışmaya katılan diğer projelerin detaylı olarak sergilenmesi genç tasarımcıların kendilerini gösterebilmeleri için önemli bir fırsat sunuyor.

12 Nisan 2005

bright idea! paperbag

08 Nisan 2005

interaction design! drum/head

Murat N Konar is a super-creative software engineer who worked at Macromedia and then went to RCA. His site describes many of his projects including the very cool drumhead...
drumhead is a cybernetic percussion instrument, a performance device. A video of a face is projected onto a polystyrene wigstand. When the wigstand is struck, the face responds appropriately and a sound is generated.See
what it is and see it in action.

06 Nisan 2005

net_art! robotica

The installation space has an ultrasounds rig to control the positional data of the devices. This ultrasound system is designed and built by Cliff Randell which is in place and tested, it is configured to the room the Watershed Open wireless network. The general idea involves using a Hewlett Packard PDA running the Mobile Bristol client. If you then move around the room the position is tracked via the ultrasound system which is attached to the ceiling. This sends data to the 'elvin' servers, and using an 'elvin' extra, this information can be used to create a visual response, using Director. My intention is to extend the system using all sorts of sensing equipment.
Things to do for version two.
1. Acquire more Robots.
2. Get robots to control more 3d movement with more generative code.
3. Make another better map that allows path following and navigation around corner, ie get it painted onto a roll of canvas.
4. Get four pda's and ultrasound to install inside robot.
5. Look into the multiple issues with the frequency being 2.4.
6. Need three more wireless cameras.
7. Selection of small four to eight inch monitors. 10 - 20 for robot wireless camera views.
Future developments include.
A. The robot will to respond to voice recognition to the navigate maps. These spoken directions come from user uploads typed in to the map database.
B. The robot at certain times will be also controllable via the web to navigate the space. So instead of operating in path following mode they can work in remote control mode.
C. Multi robot event using up to one hundred robots in a huge space. Some controlled via the web, some on path following mode, some taking directions of pdas.
D. Take robots outside controlled via remote control via Bluetooth in mobile phones.

audio visual relationships between art and science

sublime + expressionicity + automaton + generator + matrixcity + landscapes + univercity +hybrid + traces + biomorphs + soundscraper +painter + cancer + numbers + genomixer + cultura + sculptura + chemikix + cell cultura +

02 Nisan 2005

bright idea! _FREITAG individual recycled freeway bags_

It's always interesting to see what other people that have the same last name as you are doing. Its even more interesting if they are doing something cool, and in my case I can point to some Freitag brothers (Daniel & Markus) that are doing something pretty cool in Switzerland. They are making cool, and artistic bags out of recycled stuff (vinyl truck tarps, seatbelts, and bicycle inner-tubes).I like two things about the company, first the bags are made out of recycled materials, and second no two bags the company makes are the same. Since they take vinyl off trucks that often have advertisements on them, you get a different design every time. If you check out their web site you will find a custom bag builder, and also lots of other crazy things like a game where you steal vinyl off trucks.Here's an excerpt from Hive Modern:Individual recycled freeway bags..... in Europe freight trucks are covered with removable heavy-duty vinyl tarps.
They are virtually indestructible and display various colors, logos and different degrees of patina. In 1993 the brothers Freitag, graphic designers by trade, had a bright idea and decided to turn one of these tarps into a proto-type messenger bag. The first bag was slightly crude, mis-shapen and born on their kitchen table, but they loved it anyway and the Freitag Bag was unleashed to the world. From these humble beginnings, the Freitag bag has gained a loyal following with the cogniscenti. Like snowflakes or people, no two bags are alike.
Each one displays different degrees of wear, patina, colors, patterning, and if you choose, graphic remnants from the trucks they once served.Freitag Bag's makes more than just Messenger bags, they also make wallets, purses, soccer balls, and even lap top sleeves.