30 Mart 2005


THE CENTERPIECE OF ALL OF GILLIAM'S WORKS, AND A CULT CLASSIC, Brazil IS TERRY GILLIAM'S VERSION OF ORWELL'S DYSTOPIAN "1984", a science fiction satire, black comedy, and fantasy on industrialization, terrorism, the failure of modernity, government control and bureaucracy, love, and even modern filmmaking. This shockingly inventive and densely visual film follows Sam Lowry, a clerk in the records department of the Ministry of Information. When he starts being overwhelmed by the world of paperwork he escapes from his existence by becoming a hero in his own dreams. His life and these dreams begin to merge together, and his dreams become more realized as his life tears apart.
The film will be screened at the 24th International İstanbul Film Festival with its newly restored print for the first time after 2005 Berlin Film Festival.


Yorum Gönder

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