19 Ekim 2005

Droog Design

Amsterdam'ın postmodern tasarım gurubu. Kendi cümleleri ile Droog Design:"Droog [pronounce: 'droach', with 'ch' as in 'Loch Ness' the way the Scots pronounce it] means 'dry' in the Dutch language. As in 'dry wit'. For the Dutch, 'droog', or 'dry', is also associated with 'unadorned' (no superfluous fluids), direct (not slippery), matter-of-fact-like (undiluted), to the point (no meanderings), and casual (no majestic waterfalls). In Dutch, as in English, one can make a 'dry remark', or say something 'droogjes' - dryly. 'Droogje' means daily bread, 'droogstappen' means to cool down. Goes to say that in a country that has struggled for ages keeping its inhabitants' feet dry, 'droog' is a deeply rooted cultural meme. Historically speaking, one could go as far as stating that 'droog' and 'design' are intimately related; Holland is a country designed to stay as dry as possible.
But of course, in a postmodern world, 'droog' can mean so much more."


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